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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 months ago

Isn't it crazy how 6 months ago we were still in highschool going to school everyday for a set time? How times flies by is just crazy to me. I wonder where did the time go and did I accomplish everything I wanted to in that time? Well for most people 6 months ago was the greatest time of their life as they graduate from highschool and moved on to college. For me I wasn't as fortunate. Today I celebrated what would have been my great-grandpa's 94th birthday. He passed away five days before my graduation and two days before finals; I was a mess. As I sit here and write this I feel this emptiness in my gut that makes me miss him so much. He was the best man ever, I mean if you were to see him you could just see all work he had put in over his long life to provide for my family. My family and I can truly say we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him. I am truly going to miss him and to be honest typing this is really hard, but there is one thing he always taught me and that was to never give up and to always do my best at any task at hand. Well Christmas is just around the corner and I would give up anything for him to be here, but with his blessing I know he will be right there watching over all of us.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are friends?

As I continue to grow as a person I have realized and came to find who my true friends are and who just act like my friend with things are all good, but would turn on me in the long run. As you get older you need to choose wisely on whom you can not only trust but who can be your friend through the good and the bad. As I continue to figure out who my true friends are I will base our friendship on a few key characteristics. A few of these in which I will review before deciding if they are true friends is if they are 1. Loyal, meaning they don’t talk behind my back or lie to me. The second would be honesty, in which I have to be able to trust that they are honest to me and don’t try to lie to me in order to make them sound cool. The last characteristic in which I will judge them on is if they are trustworthy and if I can trust them in all situations of having my back and looking out for me. When you find people like this you should hang on to them and show the same respect in return because people like this don’t tend to come around to often. I feel I have a few of these friends now but I could always use more friends in which it is good to have more than 1 single person you can hang-out with and trust at any given time. I plan on meeting more people like this in college and to build upon the great friends I have now.

Back to Work

Now that football is over I have to go back to work, to try and earn some money for my daily expenses. Next week I will start working again at my dad's auto repair shop, in which I will clean, run errands and clean cars for him. These labor jobs make me realize that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, and that I better stay in school and stay focused on getting a good job. I mean people talk about how time flies by in college and so I need to have my plans ready when I get out, so I don’t end up working for my dad or a hard labor job for the rest of my life. I guess now that I am getting older that I am grow more mature about making the best of my future and that it is no longer my parents decision and that it is mine to succeed with the tools I am given from my family and the knowledge given from hard work in college. After I receive my earnings for providing work I plan on taking the money and saving it till I find something good I can invest it in so that I can start building my money for my future. For at this time in my life I am plan for my future and I am going to focus on making my future now so that I can party and have a goodtime later on in life when I have the money and knowledge already conquered.

College Birthday Transformation

So I am sitting here on my birthday thinking to myself am I where I thought I would be in life at this time in my life? I came to the decision that I haven't been to productive in helping other people and giving up time of my day to become a better person. My first step to changing this is going to church, in which I will attend St. Andrews Parish this Saturday night. I also well start donating more time helping out charities, especially now that football is over. On this rainy, gloomy day I feel like it is a day to wash away all my sins and have a fresh start to my life. From this day forward it will be my goal to be the best I can be and to just be an overall good citizen and neighbor. I feel now that I am in college I am realizing what kind of person I would like to be when I grow up and that it starts now by building that character. All the mistakes and bad decision that I have made in the past I will learn from and allow it to enhance the person I will grow to be. Other people should think about this as well because this is our life we are talking about and everything we act upon, will affect us for the rest of our lives. So why not just be the best you can be, do what is right, and just be a good person in general to not only your close friends and family, but to everyone.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy to Help

So over the past few months I haven’t felt very useful to the world today. I have started to perform community service around the Kansas City area, just helping out with simple chores. I first started by helping sort food for the charity of Harvesters, which donates food to the homeless and other charities around the community. I feel everyone should experience these simple chores because you can really see how much people appreciate the food people waste on a daily basis. The next service I performed was cleaning the administration building of City Union Mission. This task took me about hours in which I helped clean the facilities in which several homeless people use every night. This was another great experience in which I started to appreciate everything I already have instead of always wanting more and more. I feel like these tasks were a great idea and I will continue to give back in the future. These experiences really help me learn to enjoy and be thank for what I have and that at any moment it could be all taken away. Finally it made me realize how others live these inadequate lives every day and I can make a difference just by giving them the things I waste the most. Before I left I donated clothes, food, and even signed up for more dates in which I plan to go back and interact with kids that are in these same situations.

Ridiculous Rates

In today’s society there are several things in which I think should be changed for the better good of entire world. The most severe problem that affects just about everyone today is the ridiculous rates or prices for a gallon of gas. Gas prices affect a lot of people budgets, and even daily lives. For example families have to limit their vacations or activities they can do because of the cost. People without jobs, such as college students, have a difficult time finding money for gas go home and visit their family. There has to be something they can do about this financial problem. What most people don’t realize is that when gas prices go up every other item that is transported by freight goes up as well. For example milk has gone up $2.00 a gallon in the past three years, and continues to rise with the prices of gas. They have tried to find cheaper ways top fuel your car, but have not yet came up with a successful plan. People, especially Americans are so reliant on gasoline that we continue to buy gas for these ridiculous prices. If I could I would start a movement of people to set a strike on when to buy gas and that we all limit ourselves to one full tank a week and you can only fill up on Sundays. With this I feel we would become more efficient on our usage and we would send a message to the world showing we are not as dependent as they may think we really are, lowering the prices because of the over abundance that will build up.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So as for most people this 5 days fall break from school consisted of traveling back home to see their family that they haven’t seen in awhile. For me it was just another 10 minutes drive to my house to find my parents in Italy. So this break I just had a lot of alone time to myself and some old friends that I had not seen in awhile. So after football practice Thursday morning I headed home for a nice long nap in my big comfortable bed. That night I went out to eat with my grandma and great aunt that are staying at my house babysitting my dog. Friday morning I got up did some homework and did some chores that I had to get done before my dad got home. When I got done cleaning the garage, bringing in the patio furniture and giving the dog a bath, I decided to meet up with my friend Joe Piscottia for some lunch down The Cigar Box. That night I decided to drive to a casino in Oklahoma and gamble with a few friends. Five hours later and up $300 I choose to stop and talk my friends in to going home and going to bed. Saturday afternoon I woke up got some lunch with my sister and got my car cleaned to kill sometime before a big night. That night I went to my cousin bachelor party, in which we went all around Missouri having a good time. Finally I woke up this morning to my grandma cooking meatballs and pasta for our Sunday get together. Then I watched football till around 5 o’clock till I had to leave and come back to school to attend a football meeting. Now I am finishing up blogs and dreading the start-up of school again tomorrow. Why can’t weekends just never end?